First Time Teaser Video: Rockers & Gentlemen Collaborate with Iron & Air for Issue Nine

Mike send us an e-mail to be featured on our blog – would you say no? R&G and I&A are great projects – we love this stuff! Cheers Jan

Hollywood, CA – May 29, 2013 – Pushing the envelope from motorcycles to style the Rockers & Gentlemen Motorbike Coalition collaborate with Iron and Air Magazine to release their ninth issue via a video teaser. The teaser is the magazine’s first video since launching in July 2012 and feature the R&G MC building anticipation for the ninth issue which ships to subscribers and stands today.

This is the first video the two organizations are teaming up for with two subsequent videos to follow. The project headed by director and member Ramzi Hogan has been a long time in the making. Since Iron and Air made Rockers & Gentlemen’s shoe-in official 6 months ago, Ramzi Hogan and RGMC originator Michael Pieters aspired to conjure something truly unique.
“We wanted to create an experience where the readers feel like they’re along for the ride, Iron & Air is aesthetically pleasing in every way so we truly wanted to give it justice by doing something nobody had before; create something our friends could hear, feel and almost smell even if for a few moments.”

“The Teaser” as it was dubbed is only a taste of what’s to come. Two more “shorts” will follow, the next being within the next week and last in one month showcasing some jest, camaraderie and a timeless feel which leads us to the group’s background.

About Rockers & Gentlemen

A lifestyle unlike any other; the tight knit group of this subculture embody everything that is chivalrous with a coat of elbow grease. They live everyday like it’s their last but by the code of the gentleman. Making sure everyone is comfortable at all times is a must and dressing well but carrying a big stick is also part of their sacred writ.

They pay homage to the days where the cafe racer was the updated version of the cowboy and in turn represent the traditions of the 1960’s rocker motorbike culture in a refreshed manner. The R&G MC started as a simple byproduct of convenience, a forum where some of the most respected professionals in fashion and entertainment could share their take on everything from style to the newest parts to inspire one another. This however would turnout to be too easy as this group were already best friends. The coalition consists of various walks of life with the common denominator being gentlemen before anything else (being a rocker included).

They are rebels, they are intellectuals, they are lovers and they are fighters but throughout it all they are always gentlemen.

Link to Rockers & Gentlemen / Iron & Air Issue Nine Teaser:


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