2 RESISTORS for LED-indicators, 6,8 Ohm/25W

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product description

1 pair of resistors in the heat sink for converting to LED indicators.
These resistors can
be installed instead of a load-independent relay when you use your motorcycle
want to convert to LED indicators.
This usually requires one resistor for each indicator. He will simply use the
Japanese round plug
inserted between the indicator and wiring harness.

This set contains 2 resistors, sufficient for a pair of 21W indicators.
If the original indicators only have 10W, it may be sufficient to have just one resistor per pair of indicators
to install.


Please mount the resistors so that they do not come into contact with heat-sensitive components.
ideally in the wind, as they can get very warm, depending on the power consumption.

The resistor is located in a gold-anodized aluminum heatsink.
Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 15mm
Resistance 6.8Ω/25W

GB: RESISTOR for LED indicators, pair

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