2 SMD MINI-TURN-SIGNALS with Taillight made of Aluminium with black Trim Ring

Product.Nr.: BL-ADR

59,95 EUR
incl. 19 % VAT

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product description

  • 3 in 1 combination
  • solid aluminum housing
  • Bullet Style
  • SMD technology
  • Threaded bolt M8
  • satin black
  • no central rear light required
  • 1 set consisting of 2 pieces

Attractive 3 in 1 rear light combination (indicator, tail light, brake light function) in a solid, black aluminum housing in an elegant bullet shape. With E-test mark, legal even without entry in the vehicle documents. The price refers to a pair of tail lights/indicators.

Case diameter: 19.5 mm
Length 31.5mm
Length of indicator arm: 10mm
Threaded bolt M8

Cable assignment:
blue - indicator
yellow - tail light
red - brake light
black - mass

E13 12 50R-00 35106 TW006 LED 12V 1.6/0.2/1.8W

You can find suitable indicator holders here:

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