CRAFTRAD Magazine, Number 5

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Fresh Edition of the brand new, fantastic CRAFTRAD-
Magazine. 146 pages.
What awaits you in issue N ° 5?

CRAFTRAD - the magazine for motorcycle culture is launched

Mission: bring the fascination of motorcycle and the passions behind it on the coffee table.

The founder and editor Christoph Blumberg and Jan Zühlke are even part of the new generation of motorcycle and have been associated with CRAFTRAD magazine for an untapped audience of non on the way a powerful coffee table:

"CRAFTRAD motorcycle is not only the motorcycle, but also similar lifestyles behind the fascination: travel, lifestyle, car, music, film, fashion, skating, surfing and design and craftsmanship", explains Christoph.


The motorcycle is experiencing just a strong Renaissance. For one, the modern world of work caused an inner dissatisfaction at some of us. For many, therefore a central part of their Entschleunigungsprozesses has become motorcycling and the screws of the machine. On the other hand, a modified motorcycle Cosmos on our screens, which has awakened new desires in us opened with advent of blogger wave. The reduced style of alternative custom scene and exudes a very own coolness. Both developments meant that the new registrations for motorcycles have climbed new highs in the last year and is the custom scene of one of the most cited examples of the wide social establishment of the do-it-yourself phenomenon.


At its core, CRAFTRAD appeals to enthusiasts for motorcycle riding means a way of life and an expression of individuality. Owning a motorcycle is not mandatory for the CRAFTRAD reader. For this reason, the magazine also talks cosmopolitans, who appreciate unique and long-lasting products, but also fashionable urbanites, car enthusiasts, aesthetes and adventurers. What unites them is the interest in a high-quality product, they find their own conception of life in the.


CRAFTRAD content meets aesthetics, passion for creativity. CRAFTRAD is noisy, looks good, and can distinguish between displacement and style. Fresh and bold layout paired with fine touch also freely and critically-minded types setting the boundaries for interviews, reportages, portraits and opinions about, as are the makers themselves. Everything is allowed.


CRAFTRAD appears in the may and October 2015, 2016 during the quarter. The circulation is 20,000, the copy price is EUR 9,00. Station book stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the magazine will be online and available from selected retail partners.

Intersection car magazine CRAFTRAD starts a media cooperation to the first edition. In the framework of this cooperation, quadricycles topics in CRAFTRAD by intersection and two-wheeled in intersection of CRAFTRAD will be presented under the label "INTERCRAFT".

CRAFTRAD is in addition exclusive German media partners at the wheels and waves Festival in Biarritz and in the pure & crafted Festival in Ferropolis, and also at the following events present: triumph Tridays, BMW Motorrad of days, Glemseck 101, selvedge run.


The editor-in-Chief is Hermann Köpf, who worked for numerous international motorcycle and lifestyle magazine. Christoph Blumberg has proven already in the European as a successful business leader and will return to this position at CRAFTRAD. Recently completed his studies at the UdK, Jan Zühlke is dedicated to the area of marketing & communications of the magazine. The creative management took over Maximilian Funk, who has worked as a freelance creative director for magazines such as Motoraver and Vice.

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