d.i.y. front mudguard "Y"-brackets for Cafe-Racers, universal

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product description

Cafe Racer front fender holder kit

This attractive set makes it easier to grow an individual, lightweight one
Fender made of aluminum or carbon.
It consists of a pair of laser-cut universal holders, inspired by the
Shape of the Y-brackets of the legendary Norton MANX, and from a set
Screws and locking nuts made of stainless steel.
The mudguard shown is not included in the scope of delivery.

Universally suitable thanks to the generously sized base plates
for the mounting points of most motorcycle forks (see illustration for dimensions).

Suitable for all BMW R models with 2 spring struts (Duolever).

- First the fender is fixed in the desired position on the front wheel.
Here, as with all the following work steps, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient
Pay attention to the distance to all components and especially to the tire.

- It helps, for example, to determine the sufficient distance between the tire and the fender
a rubber profile or the like (see Fig. 4).

- The two Y-clamps are then fixed, but not drilled yet.
The overhang above the fender edge should be at least 30mm.

- Now the bending edges of the Y-clamp are marked and then
clamped. Around an arcuate bend following the fender cross section
The upper part of the two booms can be reached with light blows from the hammer
brought into shape. A fist and a block of wood are also suitable for this purpose
(see Fig. 5).

- If hard bending edges are required and no bending bench is available
The workpiece is processed directly on the edge using a (hard) wooden block
(see Fig. 6).

- Now the mounting holes in the fender can be marked and marked with a 6mm
Drills can be drilled. Experience has shown that the distance from the edge of the fender should be
Do not fall below 15mm (see Fig. 7).

- Depending on your taste, the two clamps can also be placed underneath the fender
(see Fig. 2 and 3).

- Place the mudguard with the two mounted clamps back on the front wheel.
Now the assembled fender can be attached to the two mounting points
Fork immersion tubes are installed, if necessary after spacer sleeves are installed
or the Y-clamps have been given an additional bending edge.

- Unnecessary material on the mounting plate can then be removed
(see Fig.8).

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