ELECTRONICBOX / Controller Axel Joost, Version G


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ELECTRONICBOX / Controller Axel Joost, Version G

Electronics box version G with handlebar adapter.
This is a new electronics box for minitasters from Axel Joost.
It controls the most important electrical functions on the motorcycle
from a central location.

The following functions are supported by the electronics box
- Control of indicator, horn, starter relay, stopy
- Control of high and low beam
- Warning flashing function
- 2 x warning flashes at ignition on or engine off
- Adjustable indicator reset function
- side light function via the indicators (as with the Ami´s)
- 1 button for start/stop or 2 separate buttons for start/stop possible
- Alarm switch input
- stop light / tail light ->combination possible
  (then the brake light lights up with 50% when the brakes are not applied)
- Control of the box from the neutral and side stand switch possible.
- 8 Status LED´s at the cable outputs

Some of the various functions can be easily
fromuser can be reprogrammed.

The handlebar adapter is connected to all push-button switches and
topushed the handlebars. There's only one thin line left
from the adapter to the electronics box. The G-Box has 8 status LED´s
at the cable exits, which allow quick installation and monitoring.
make it possible. The housing is waterproofed with epoxy resin.

The various functions of the electronics box version G
be capable ofcan be changed at any time. Before switching on, press
thatPress the horn button to power the box and hold it down,
until the power supply is on. After releasing the horn button
the box is in program mode. A single warning flash shows the
Programming mode on. By pressing the left or right button
flashbuttonyou can select the corresponding function,
like the one in theis shown in the table below. This will bring you
in the nextProgram mode, which can then be terminated with two
Warning flashing is displayed.

The following options are possible:

number of flashes


Left button

Right button



show flashing



2x flashing when switching on


comfort indicator



Comfort indicator switches itself off





Indicators glow with 20 % when off


stop brake light



Brake light lights up with 50 % when off


Start Stop button

1 push button

2 buttons

1 or 2 buttons for start/stop


Stand / Idle.


Not active

Switches off ignition and starter if necessary

The functions are activated after the 6th press of the horn
are permanently stored in the E-Eprom, but can be restored at any time.
(TÜV and side light...). Turn on
the supply voltage for
for at least 10 seconds to check the capacitors in the
Box to unload.

Technical Specifications
- Dimensions: E-Box 50 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm,
  Handlebar adapter 35 mm x 15 mm
- Current consumption: Maximum 20mA at 12V,
  due to the built-in LED´s
- Housing: polycarbonate, encapsulated waterproof with epoxy resin
- input voltage: 6 - 13.8V, short-term up to 20 Volt
- Connections: control unit 0,5mm², power unit 1 mm², 20 cm each
- Maximum ambient temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
Translated from German by DeepL