ELECTRONICBOX / Controller Axel Joost, Version H

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product description

Size matters! This is the currently smallest electronics box for mini pushbuttons on the market.
It controls the most important electrical functions on the motorcycle from a central point.
The following functions are supported by the electronics box and can sometimes be easily performed at any time
reprogrammed by the user:

-Control of the horn and starter relay via buttons
-Control of the turn signals via button or switch possible
-Control of high and low beam via button or switch possible
-Warning flashing function
-Convenience flasher function, automatic turn-off of the flasher
-Position light function can be selected via the indicators (position light, low light)

Modern microcontroller technology makes it possible that only thin control cables
be pulled from the handlebars to the box. The blinking speed will of course change
not with LED lights. When the comfort indicator function is activated, the
Turn signal automatically turns off after 20 x or 40 x if it has not been activated manually beforehand
is turned off. When using flashing buttons, simultaneous
alternate pressing of the flashing buttons (e.g. press left and hold, right
Press and hold, release left) a hazard warning function will be activated.
The hazard warning lights are switched off again by pressing a button.
A short hazard warning function (2x) can be activated when the ignition is switched on.
Of course, the entire light is switched off during the start-up process.

The various functions of the electronics box version H can be changed at any time.
Before switching on the power supply to the box, press and hold the horn button,
until the power supply is on. After releasing the horn button, the box is in
Program mode. A single warning flashing indicates the programming mode. Through
Press the left or right flashing button you can select the corresponding function,
as shown in the table below. By pressing the horn button again you come
You go to the next program mode, which is then indicated by two warning flashes.

The following options are possible according to the following table:

Number of flashes Mode button left button right Description
1 x show flashing Off On 2 x flashing when the ignition is switched on
2 x comfort flasher Off On Comfort flasher switches itself off
3 x comfort flashers 20 x 40 x number of flashing repetitions
4 x parking lights On Off Turn signals light up with approx. 25% brightness
5 x light pushbuttons or switches Light switches Light pushbuttons Use of light pushbuttons or switches
6 x flashing switch or button Flashing switch Flashing button Use of flashing buttons or switches
7 x start relay mode all consumption on all consumption off All consumers can be switched off when starting

The functions are permanently saved in the E-Eprom after pressing the horn for the fifth time,
but can be changed again at any time (Tüv and parking light ...).
Before changing the program, switch off the supply voltage for at least 10 seconds
off to discharge the capacitors in the box.

Technical specifications

-Dimensions: 40mm length x 12.5mm width x 25mm height
-Current consumption: maximum 7mA at 12V
-Housing: Black, impact-resistant ABS plastic, encapsulated in a watertight manner
-Input voltage: 7 - 16 volts
Connections: control section 0.5mm², power section 1mm², each 10 cm
-Maximum ambient temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
- Permissible current from the 12V connection: 15 amps

Scope of delivery including detailed, easily understandable installation instructions (only in German).

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