ELECTRONICBOX Mini Power Switch Relay Axel Joost 6-16V

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product description

Very small, electronic load relay from Axel Joost
This extremely small, electronic load relay is ideal for conversions in which the switching of the light is to be modified to push buttons.
The load relay has 2 outputs, each of which can be charged with 60 watts. It takes over the switching from low beam and high beam.
In addition, the light can be switched on and off via this relay, either automatically when the ignition is switched on, or
via a switch or push button.
For example, our
articles LS-TAB , LS-TAC , LS-3AB , LS-3AC , LS-BUX , LS-BUY , LS-HU , AR-BNT , AR-BN1 , LS-3ZB , LS-TZB are suitable as push-buttons .
AR-LAB, AR-LAP , MG-SM , MG-SB and many more. Switches can also be found in many variants under the search term " switch " in the Kickstartershop.

about 38mm x 16mm x 11mm (without cable)

Technical specifications:
Power consumption: Maximum 7mA microcontroller, calculated without power unit
Case: Black ABS, black Odopal casting resin
Input voltage: 7 - 16 volts
Connections: Control section 0.5mm², power section 1 mm², each 10 cm
Maximum ambient temperature: 100 degrees Celsius
Permissible current from the 12V connection: 5 amps continuous current, short-circuit proof.

Red (thin) = key or switch input
Yellow = Both outputs switch simultaneously when cable is jumpered to ground.
Green = The load relay only works with light switch when cable is jumpered to ground.
Blue = The dipped beam is off after switching on the ignition.
Red (thick) = + 12 supply voltage
Violet = output dipped beam
Violet = output high beam
Black = mass

The mini load relay is delivered with an installation manual.

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

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