Handlebar CONTROLS / Switches, alloy, all black

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product description

Blinker-, dynamic, elegant handlebar set
Warning flasher -, light -, Starter switch and Horn.
The faucet is solidly built, the housing is made of aluminium.
A high quality impression of the switch and the switch.
Fits all handlebars with 22mm (7/8 ") diameter.
The harnesses have a length of 500mm.

Width of fittings:

-left faucet: approx. 33mm
-right faucet: approx. 38mm

Features links
-Light switch (low / high beam)

Functions right
-Warning flashers
-Light switch (off / light / light)

Cable diagram of the left panel

-Blue: Driving beam
-White: Dipped-beam headlamps
Blue and white: plus for driving light
-Light blue: direction indicator, right
-Grey: Plus for indicators
-orange: Direction indicator, left
-light green: Horn (entrance)
-Green: Horn (output)

Cable assignment of the right fitting
-Black: Plus (switched by the ignition switch)
-Brown: Speedo light
-Brown-white: light
Blue and white: driving light
-Grey: Plus for hazard lights
-Light blue: warning flasher
-orange: Warning flasher
-yellow red: Starter

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