HIGHSIDER LED main headlight insert TYPE 2

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product description

HIGHSIDER 7 inch LED main headlight insert TYPE 2
Round, black or chromed insert with high-beam, low-beam and parking light. Reflector emits an asymmetric light - approved only for right-hand driving, E-marked.

Our highlights – give your bike its unique style! The exceptional design and the perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series makes you absolutely to a highlight!

Diameter A = 176 mm
Diameter GA = 165 mm
Diameter I = 160 mm
Diameter cooling ribs = 99 mm
T = 81 mm
R = 8 mm

Current consumption at 12,5 volt:
Low beam 1.6 ampere (20 watt)
12 volt 1450 lumen
Only top reflector and centre position light are lightning.

High beam: 1.6 ampere (20 watt)
12 volt 1582 lumen
Only top and bottom reflector are lightning. If you use headlight flasher, centre position light will be out.

Cable assignment headlight
The following 3 cables are fixed in one plug:
Black = ground
Red = high beam
Blue = low beam
Additionally 2 cables for parking light
Black = ground
Red = parking light
White = connection for control indicate (to use optionally)

Delivery contents: 1 Pcs.

Asymmetric reflector - approved only for right-hand driving.
This insert is also available with a housing. Item No. 223-184 und 223-131.