Mini-Tachometer speedometer 60mm

Product.Nr.: TA-XWX

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product description

Mini speedometer/tachometer/SPEEDOMETER, 60 mm, blue/red illuminated

Elegant Mini - tachometer.
Minimal replacement for the original speedometer. The speedometer comes ready for mounting in the chrome mug,
a complete mounting kit is included. The scale ranges up to 160 km/h and is lit by blue. The
Speedometer has all important indicators
(Turn signals, high beam, NeutraI).

Unfortunately, the processing of the case is in places somewhat deficient, therefore, have
We decided to sell this batch Tachos.


-Instruments mounting diameter (diameter) 60 mm
-Outer diameter on the chrome edge (outer diameter) 67 mm
-Total length/lenght (without cable): 65 mm
-Connection for the speedometer cable M12 thread.
-Square connector for the shaft: approx. 2.5 x 2.5 mm (standard size)
-The speedometer works mechanically
K-value of 1.4 and thus suitable for the vast majority of motorcycles / all Japanese.

Connection diagram:

-1 (black): mass
-2 (black/white): Lighting dimensions
-3 (blue): high beam plus
-4 (orange): indicator plus
-5 (light blue): indicator plus
-6 (white/blue): High beam plus
-7 (green/red): Neutral plus
-8 (red): Speedo light plus

If you are not sure which translation has your bike, then you can
You even find out whether this instrument will properly display the speed.
The K value can be determined as follows:
(Using tape or roll) measure circumference of the wheel.
Unscrew the shaft of the speedometer.
Perform 10 turns with the wheel and
count the revolutions of the now visible Vierkantes.
Calculation: Number of revolutions of the square = K 10 x divided by
the wheel circumference in cm. Round the result to one place after the decimal point
(There are actually only speedos with the K values of 1.0 and 1.4).

Ideal as a cheaper substitute for the incredibly expensive original instruments, but also great for the
Cafer-racer or chopper - suitable conversion.

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