Oil temperature gauge BMW F 650 Dakar und GS

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product description

Oil temperature direct knife life insurance for your motor!

The motorcycle engine is fully loadable from an oil temperature of 80 ° C only. High speeds
before reaching this temperature have excessive wear of the motor.

They offer which instead of the original dipstick on a direct temperature gauge,
is screwed. So, the "conversion" is done with a few simple steps.
Measurement range of 20 °-140 ° C.

Fits the following models:

BMW F650 GS or Dakar (type F650DAK/04, 0172, 0173, or F650GS/04)

Oil temperature indicator for other BMW F650 models may also be found in our shop.

Please the following measures with which the original oil filler cap / the original security
Compare level:

  • Dimensions: Length A (thread + oil dipstick): 9.8 cm.
  • Diameter thread B: approx. 30 mm.
  • C: 2 mm, 5 turns.

The logo in the oil thermometer may vary if necessary, the manufacturer is always the same.

A wise investment that pays for itself very quickly.

Of course with 2 years warranty!

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