Performance AIR FILTER, 35mm, red

Product.Nr.: LF-R11

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product description

Universal - sports air filter in red, 35 mm

Quality - permanent air filter with significantly more air flow than
Original - or even K & N air filter. There, where the original air filter
is made of paper, this tuning filter has a metal mesh on the outside
and a fine fabric inside. Fully washable - oil
is eliminated. Ideal to the Caferacer-or
Chopper conversion

Warning: Through the higher air flow, the carburetor must
newly tuned, otherwise a lean mixture the
Motor can overheat and cause damage. Experience has shown that
are 4-stroke with jets larger numbers of approximately 25-30
(E.g. by size 100 to 125 to 130); the nozzle needle
to raise a ring.
The nozzle Assembly must be even higher for 2-strokes.
Are general guidelines, but the right candle image is crucial.
This should be immediately after full load operation always "Fawn".

This air cleaner is designed for competition use, the
Intake is getting louder. Usually only when older
Years eligible for registration!
(Before approx. 1983, please with the TÜV clarify)

Available for carburetor flanges in various sizes (see shop).

E.G. suitable for
-HONDA monkey 50 / Dax 50
-HONDA CB 50, Z 50
-HONDA CB 350 K4 (CB350K)
-HONDA CB 350 F (CB350F)

-Total length: approx. 85mm
-D. length filter: approx. 67mm
-D. of connection rubber length: approx. 18 mm
-Diameter of the filter (in front): approx. 51mm
-Diameter d. filter (rear): approx. 74mm
-Suitable for carburetor flanges, with 35-38 mm diameter

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