Artificial LEATHER for motorcycle seats, app. 140*100 cm

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product description

Black synthetic leather for seats in very best saddlery quality (made in Germany)

Universally suitable artificial leather, ideal for the motorcycle seat construction.

This art - vinyl leather derived from the SADDLER. It is specifically designed for motorcycle seat and is UV stable and
waterproof. The surface structure is easily grained (such as leather). On the back it has a textile structure.

A foam lamination to the levelling of the surface is also included.

Warm TIP: Prior to obtaining the motorcycle seat the imitation leather, E.g. using a dryer, then it can be
better stretch / process.


-Leatherette 140 * 100 cm
-Foam lamination approx. 200 * 100 cm

Useful tips and tricks for installing the seat
find at under 'Tips'.

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