spark BPR7EIX f. SR/XT 500

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product description

IRIDIUM spark plug NGK "BPR/EIX" for YAMAHA SR 500 etc.

Minimum diameter of the Iridium electrode (0.6 mm) of the following advantages:

-Significantly improved startup behavior, because this spark plug does not tend to the "drinking"
-No fouling of the electrode in the 'stop and go' traffic (burns are immediately freely)
-Rounder motor operation, thus lower idle speed possible
-Spontaneous throttle response / quicker acceleration
-Lower consumption, saves money and resources.
-Higher lifetime than conventional spark plugs,
Therefore, the higher purchase price relative
-Lower ignition voltage required due to the optimised shape of the electrode.

Fits also on many others, such as on all XT500 and many others.

GB: IRIDIUM spark for SR500 and many others

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