Speedo MOTOGADGET motoscope TINY, black bezel

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product description

The motoscope TINY, black ring

The Motoscope from Motogadget is a very small round instrument, which
measures the speed digitally and via a stepper motor and pointer
displays precisely analog.

Due to the installation diameter of 49 mm and the installation depth of only 24 mm
opens up a wide range of installation options. The finish and the
Quality corresponds to the usual high standard at Motogadget.

Refined technology makes the classic look possible without compromise.
The clock face does not require a display cut-out or LCD. This is how it works
the motoscope is very harmonious, convincing in classic style and uses
digital technology extremely inconspicuous.

The instrument is also equipped with four control LEDs.
The perfect solution for purists and minimalists.

The Motoscope Tacho is available in three different designs.

This comes as a "TINY" with a simple black and white dial. The clock face
is clear white. The pointer in red stands out clearly from the background
from. The screw ring is black anodized.

Instrument in detail
The high-quality aluminum housing is turned from solid on CNC machines,
brushed and its surface anodized black. The screw ring is
black anodized.
The housing is 100% waterproof and insensitive to vibrations.
The beautiful analog dial in black and white contrast is powered by white LEDs
indirectly illuminated. Behind the black part of the dial is one
innovative LED display hidden, which only turns red during operation due to the dial
lights up and is not visible when switched off!
In order to achieve optimal readability in the dark, sun and dusk,
the luminosity of the LEDs is automatically adjusted. If the 200 km / h
are exceeded and the analogue scale is no longer sufficient, the
Speed automatically shown in the LED display. Are on the clock face
the 4 indicator lights (blue, red, yellow, green) are also integrated.
These also only become visible during operation.

With the included menu button or, for example, the headlight flasher button
is switched between the displays of the LED display. The standard display
the time is on the display. If necessary, by pressing a short button
the values for total kilometers, daily kilometers, on-board voltage and maximum speed
The menu button is also the input button with which the clock and all specific
Values of the vehicle can be set. All functions, such as resetting the daily mileage
or the like are easy to use by pressing a button. Presets or saved values
remain stored without a power supply, of course.


Due to the very small dimensions, the motoscope can be attached to any vehicle using the two
Easy to attach threaded bushings (M3) on the back. We offer suitable assemblies
Universal brackets and outer cups (please inquire by email). More mounts will follow.

Connection and sensors
The reverse polarity protection, the simple wiring as well as the detailed assembly and
Operating instructions make the connection of the instrument also possible for users who are
have previously kept away from the vehicle electrical system. The included speedometer sensor made of stainless steel
is also very small (M5 / 23 mm) and corresponds to the highest industry standards (IP68).
With the 1.5 m long connection cable, it can be easily attached to the front or rear wheel.
The motoscope tiny comes with almost all original speedometer sensors (reed contact and proximity sensors)
the vehicle manufacturer compatible. Any load resistance required is included.
In this case, only connections are connected and the mechanical installation of one
Sensors is completely superfluous. An intelligent 'teach function' makes it easy
Calibration of the speedometer - also for vehicles with sensors on the transmission such as Buell (TM), Harley-Davidson (TM)
or BMW.

Technical data and features
Installation diameter: 49 mm
Weight: approx. 96 g
Fastening: 2 x M3 threaded bushing
Current consumption during operation: approx. 200 mA (depending on load)
Operating voltage: 9 V - 15 V
Operating temperature: -20 ° ... + 80 ° C
Function / measuring range analog tachometer (pointer): 0 - 200 km / h or mph
Tachometer numerical (LED display): 200 - 999 km / h or mph
maximum speed: 0 - 999 km / h or mph
On-board voltage: 9 - 15 V
Time: 00:00 - 23:59
Trip odometer: 0 - 999.9 km or mi
Total kilometers (adjustable): up to 99 999 km or mi
Indicator lights: turn signals, high beam, neutral, warning lamp

scope of delivery
Motoscope TINY with approx. 50 cm connection cable, mini switch, complete
Plug connection (9-pin), speedometer sensor (M5, stainless steel) with 150 cm connection cable,
2 strong neodymium mini magnets, 2 fastening screws M3 with washer,
Load resistance for OEM speedometer sensors, detailed installation and operating instructions.

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