SPEEDOMETER Speedo tachymètre compteur 60mm, K=1,4

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product description

Stainless steel speedometer 60 mm

GB: Small speedometer / speedo
FR: Petit tachymètre / compteur

Elegant, absolutely high-quality processed analog speedometer in the polished
Stainless steel mugs.

Minimal replacement for the original speedometer, TÜV compliant.
The speedometer comes ready for mounting, a complete mounting kit is included.

The scale ranges up to 220 km/h and is lit by white.

Technical data:

-Instruments mounting diameter (diameter) 60 mm
-Outer diameter on the chrome edge (outer diameter) 66.5 mm
-Total length/lenght (without cable): 53mm
-Connector for the speedometer cable M12x1 (fits almost all models!)
-Square connector for the shaft: approx. 2.5 x 2.5 mm (standard size)
-The speedometer works mechanically
-K value of 1.4 and thus fits almost all motorcycles
-with trip odometer
-4 indicators (high beam, neutral, oil pressure, turn signals)
-Background lighting white

If you are not sure which translation has your bike, then you can
You even find out whether this instrument properly display the speed
will. The K value can be determined as follows:

-Circumference of the wheel measure (using tape or by rolling).
-Unscrew wave of the speedometer. Perform 10 turns with the wheel and the
-the now visible Vierkantes count.
-Calculation: K number of revolutions of the square = 10 x divided by the wheel circumference in cm.
-Round the result to one place after the decimal point (there are actually only Tachos
the K values 1.0 and 1.4).

Suited excellently to Cafer-racer or chopper conversion.

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