Speedometer SMITH-Style f. Enfield and others. 0-160 km/h

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product description

SMITH replica speedometer

Without a doubt of one of the most beautiful classic speedometer.
Here as a replica with a kilometre-scale up to 160 km/h.
Replaces the standard speedometer the Enfield bullet perfectly.

Ideal as a cheaper substitute for the incredibly expensive
Original instruments by SMITH, Hunter and others


-Instruments mounting diameter (diameter) 80 mm
-Outer diameter on the chrome edge (outer diameter) 86 mm
-The maximum depth (length) is 80 mm
-External diameter of the threaded connection of the speedometer cable: approx. 18 mm
-Including lamps
-K value: 1.0. Therefore suitable for almost all the old-timers!

Not suitable for most Japanese.

If you are not sure which translation has your motorcycle,
then you can find out yourself
whether this instrument will correctly display the speed.
The K value can be determined as follows:

-Circumference of the wheel measure (using tape or by rolling).
-Unscrew wave of the speedometer. 10 turns with the wheel
-perform and it turns
-the now visible Vierkantes count.
-Calculation: K number of revolutions of the square = 10 x divided by the
-Wheel circumference in cm.
-Round the result to one place after the decimal point (there are actually
-only the speedometer with the K values of 1.0 and 1.4).

GB: SMITH replica speedometer / speedo
FR: Tachymètre / compteur

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