SUGRU Self Setting Rubber, 3 pieces, Black

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product description

SUGRU - sensational adhesive is workable by hand, keeps on almost everything and hardens by
even at room temperature. And to rubber!

Sugru feels like Putty and is just so easy to apply. Easy with the
Hand place and shape, harden overnight, finished, keeps! Once cured
Sugru is incredibly resistant and also comes with extreme environments
playing right - from the inside of a dishwasher to the Antarctic.

This material has proven itself in our workshop everyday already numerous times:
-Repaired cracks/holes in motorcycle seat covers and
bellows (unobtrusive and waterproof!)
-Defective rubber parts can be repair or even completely reconstruct!
-Rubberized buttons from motorcycle jackets in the tank area (against scratches in the paint)

-The self-adhesive Sugru Silicon rubber sticks wood to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass,
and on some textile and plastics
-Ist after curing water-proof and dishwasher safe
-Transformed over night at room temperature in a hard,
robust rubber silicone-based
-3 sachets of 5 g
-Color: black

GB: Sugru self setting rubber black, 3 pieces

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