WANNABE Wanna Toggle Relais 6-14 V

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product description

Want toggle relay
An electronic, dual relay with inputs for non-latching push-buttons.
At the press of a button, the associated 12 V outputs are switched on and off. The outputs can supply power up to 60 W in continuous operation

Market price (of competing products with comparable characteristics):
There are currently only multi-channel "switch boxes" (electronic central controls) for several hundred euros, with which consumers can be switched by a button.

Product advantages:
Switch inputs for non-latching push-buttons
Extremely thin cable cross-sections for connecting the buttons
2 independent channels
Very small dimensions and low weight
Fully sealed product (waterproof)
Smaller and more flexible than expensive multichannel switch boxes
Protection against all possible wiring errors
More flexible than "all in one smart boxes"
Reasonable pricing through lot sizes related to the whole WannaX family

Technical specifications:
Size cylinder: diameter 28 mm x 15 mm (embedded encapsulation)
Weight: <20 g (including potting and cable)
Voltage range: 6 - 14 V
Output current: max. 2 x 40 W or 1 x 60 W continuous operation
Inputs: Pushbutton (non-latching) with connection to the chassis (vehicle ground).

WannaToggle can switch consumers only by switching on and off by +12 V. Devices that require switching to vehicle ground can not be switched directly with WannToggle. To switch ground via a push button, an additional mechanical relay must be used

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