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Descripción del producto

HIGHSIDER LED postion light PROTON THREE<br><br>- Small, smaller, Proton -<br><br>With a PROTON postion light, the illuminant component on the motorcycle can disappear visually.<br>The trend towards ever smaller lighting elements makes it possible to give the bike a cool and clean look.<br>No more oversized light systems from the days of our ancestors.<br>The next smaller level has been reached and opens up completely new design options for motorcycles.<br>The model THREE from the PROTON family is attached to fairing parts or other motorcycle parts with good holding, double-sided adhesive tape.<br>Suitable only for front, E-approved.<br><br>Point the way – by innovative HIGHSIDER postion light series you can not only show where you want to go, but also who you are. That’s trend-setting design of its best.<br><br>Dimensions:<br>A Width: 11 mm<br>B Width: 12 mm<br>C Height: 12 mm<br>D Depth: 22 mm<br>Weight: 20 g<br><br>Connections:<br>White = postion light (+)<br>Black = ground (-)<br><br>Scope of delivery: 1 pieces