HIGHSIDER 7 inch LED main headlamp insert TYPE 8

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Descripción del producto

HIGHSIDER 7 inch LED main headlamp insert TYPE 8<br><br>- See and be seen! -<br><br>For bikers from highest importance. <br><br>The integrated LED daytime running with position light in TYPE 8 is the perfect way to improve visibility by day. The correct daytime running light switching on the vehicle is given without additional control boxes or switches, fulfils the regulations and simplifies the assembly. <br><br>Modern LED lighting technology has made enormous progress in the area of headlights. With an LED bend lighting headlight for retrofitting motorcycles, the next evolutionary level in vehicle lighting is initiated. The HIGHSIDER LED headlamp with bend lighting offers clear advantages over a conventional headlamps. The static bend lighting activates an additional light when the motorcycle is tilted in the bend. The improved illumination allows you to see more of the bend and what is behind it. The driver can better react to conditions and situations and is safer on the road. Two ellipsoid lenses in combination with powerful LEDs indicator into day and thus combine a strong extra in safety with a polarizing unique optic. The headlamp is available in black with smoked glass or in chrome with clear glass. Of course, the HIGHSIDER LED headlight is E-approved with daytime running, position and bend lighting. <br><br>Switching from daytime running light to low beam: <br>Press high beam (approx. 1 second) and as soon as the low beam is active, release the button. The low-beam light is then permanently active. <br><br>Spectacular – give your bike its unique style! The exceptional design and the perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series makes you absolutely to a highlight! <br><br>Dimensions:<br>Diameter A = 177.8 mm<br>Diameter GA = 169 mm<br>Diameter I = 166.5 mm<br>T = 59 mm<br>R = 10 mm<br>Total depth from glass to cooling fins: 99.10 mm<br><br>Connections:<br>Power Consumption: 3 Pin Connector<br>Red cable = low beam (+)<br>White cable = high beam (+)<br>Black cable = ground (-)<br><br>Separate cable (round plug):<br>Red cable = LED position light (+)<br><br>Scope of delivery: 1 piece