OIL TEMPERATURE GAUGE / Dipstick for SUZUKI GSF 1250 GSF1200 Bandit

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Descripción del producto

The oil temperature direct gauge - the life insurance for your engine.

The motorcycle engine is ready for full throtle at an oil temperature of app. 80° C minimum.
High revs before reaching this temperature result excessive engine wear!

This oil temperature gauge is produced in germany by "RR Motorsport" since 1975.
It replaces the original dipstick or the oil filler plug. 
The gauge needle is surrounded by glycerine to eliminate vibrations.
Measuring range: 20° -140°C, minimal deviation of only 1% in the upper third!

An investment, that pays off quickly.

Installation instructions

Just exchange the original oil filler-cap with this special oil-temperature gauge.

Make sure that the thermosensor does not bump against motor parts inside.

After reaching the operating temperature (approx. 80 °C) the scale can be turned to the desired