HIGHSIDER E-BOX TYPE 1, for DRL circuit via light sensor

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Description du produit

HIGHSIDER PW E-BOX TYPE 1, for DRL circuit via light sensor.

For automatic switching between daytime running light and dipped beam.
The HIGHSIDER PW E-BOX TYPE 1 recognizes when it gets dark or bright, and then automatically turns on the low beam and simultaneously turns off the daytime running lights (or vice versa).
Additionally equipped (optional switchable) is the so-called <coming home> function. This makes it possible, the daytime running lights after switching off the motorcycle in the dark for another 30 Sec. to light up actively.
There is no need for a switch.

An installation tutorial can be found on our youtube channel: highsider tips and tricks.

Height: 16 mm
Width: 56.5 mm
Width with fastening straps: 75 mm
Length: 48 mm
Fastening straps: 3 mm x 11 mm (slot)
Weight: 0.046 kg
Cable length: 400
Cable length light sensor: 600 mm (total)


Purple / black cable = high beam IN
Yellow / green cable = parking light IN
Black cable = ground IN (-)
Red cable = supply voltage IN (+)
Blue cable = dipped beam OUT
Black cable = ground OUT (-)
Pink cable = parking light OUT
Orange cable = dipped beam IN
Gray cable = programming cable
Green cable = high beam OUT
Brown cable = daytime running light (TFL)
Black cable = ground OUT (-)
White cable = TFL indicator light OUT

4-pin connector for the light sensor

1 x cable set
1 x light sensor
1x manual 208-200A