motogadget Msp Breakout Box for H-D

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Description du produit

This Breakout Box J1850 for HARLEY DAVIDSON especially makes the motoscope pro compatible with the V-Rod models with digital bus system SAE J1850.

Depth / width / height without plug: 42 mm / 42 mm / 26,5 mm
Weight with plug and cable: ca. 80g plug

Choose your model and you will get the bus adapter and the matching connector for your Harley.
The wires of connector have to connect to the terminals of the Breakout Box as the wires of the instruments.
Then you plug the connector to your original wiring harness and the motoscope pro is ready to go. It doesn’t get any easier.

The Breakout Box J1850 fits all H-D with TwinCam engine from 2004 on that have DEUTSCH plug connectors and the dashboard on the tank (TwinCam). It also fits all H-D Sportster models from 2004 on that have DEUTSCH (XL DEUTSCH) or MOLEX (XL MOLEX) plug connectors. Furthermore it can be used for all H-D Vrod motorcycles (VRSC) that have DEUTSCH plug connectors.

Important: not compatible with any models that use H-D LAN, e.g. Softtail from 2011 and later, Dynas 2012 and later and all Rocker and Dyna-models, that have instruments on the fork bridge.

If you are looking for a digital bus adapter for other instruments than the motoscope pro please see product m-CAN J1850.

Parts delivered:
Breakout Box J1850 with specific plug connector, 32 connection terminals, 2 x M3 mounting screws, 32 cable end sleeves, plastic sheet for fixing and anchoring the cables, 2 cable ties.