KOSO LED sequence-indicator INFINITY-D

Numero prodotto: 204-142

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descrizione del prodotto

KOSO sequence indicator INFINITY-D, E-approved<br><br>LED indicators with black metal housing, clear indicator glass and a sporty, elegant appearance. <br><br>The INFINITY-D has a running light system. <br>The LED technology with its many individual light sources makes it possible: When the individual LEDs light up one after the other when flashing, an optical wiping effect is created, a kind of strip light from the inside to the outside. <br><br>Dimensions <br>A Width: 74 mm<br>B Width: 93 mm<br>C Height: 20 mm<br>D Depth: 24 mm<br>Rubber stem: 19 mm<br>Threaded bolt: M8 x 1.25<br><br>Connections:<br>Red cable = flasher (+)<br>Black cable = ground (-)<br><br>Scope of delivery: 1 piece