HIGHSIDER LED indicator/position light BLAZE

Numero prodotto: 204-304

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descrizione del prodotto

HIGHSIDER LED indicator/front position light
This unit combines a powerful LED technology with a modern design. The smoke lenses are perfectly fitting in the black metal housing. Indicator with waterproof pins and rubber stem is E-marked.

Expose your way – by innovative HIGHSIDER indicator series you can not only show where you want to go, but also who you are. That’s trend-setting design of its best.

A: approx. 40 mm
B: approx. 55 mm
C: approx. 20 mm
D: 11 mm

Threaded bolt: M8 x 1,25 mm, length: approx. 20 mm

Cable assignment
Black = ground
Red = indicator

Delivery contents: 1 pair

Order optional: Fitting taillight/indicator, Item No: 254-300.