KOSO Digital multifunction cockpit DB03-R

Numero prodotto: 360-362

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descrizione del prodotto

with German ABE and ECE-R10 test for electromagnetic compatibility.
for ATV and Motorcycles digital signals in the original instrument process

12 V DC
With universal bracket and sensor active
for wheel circumference of 300 mm up to max. 2500 mm
Dimensions: 120 x 68.5 x 44.1 mm, weight: 128 g

switched from km / h to mls
speed to 360 km / h (adjustable speed warning)
speed up to 15,000 rev / min (range adjustable on 10.000/12.000/15.000)
Trip A + B
time </ li>
water temperature with alarm (° C and Fahrneheit)
fuel gauge (adjustable 100 250/510/1200 ohms)
voltmeter, a warning when voltage is below 11.5 volts and surge at 15.5 volts
gear indicator