RAM Mounts Rectangle base - 2 inch x 1.7 inch with 1 inch B-ball

Numero prodotto: 558-B11

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descrizione del prodotto

This RAM MOUNT high strength composite unit cradle - RAM-HOL-SPO3U - is designed to hold the SPOT Connect / SPOT Satellite Communicator devices. The backside of the cradle is prepared to connect to a diamond base plate. RAM MOUNT cradle - RAM-HOL-SPO3U - features:

Open access to all electronic ports
Patented roller design for super smooth placement and removal of the device Backside connection: prepared for diamond base plate
Material: High Strength Composite
Color: black

Note: displayed devices are not part of the delivery. Delivery includes the RAM MOUNT SPOT Connect cradle - RAM-HOL-SPO3U - only!