RAM Mounts UNPKD RAM snap-con micro usb to gds

Numero prodotto: 558-GDS12

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descrizione del prodotto

The Snap-Con GDS to Micro USB 2.0 Adaptor is an essential accessory for any IntelliSkin or other GDS compatible device. This accessory enables on the go charging and data connectivity of any GDS compatible device, including devices wrapped in IntelliSkin , using an included Micro USB 2.0 cable. The Snap-Con adaptor is perfect for charging and connecting your GDS enabled device in airports, at home or anywhere there is not access to a GDS compatible docking station.

1. Snap-Con adaptor is a low cost solution for charging any GDS compatible device
2. Add the ability to charge and connect any GDS compatible device with a standard Micro USB 2.0 cable
3. Offers a low cost solution for charging and connecting GDS compatible devices, including devices wrapped in IntelliSkin
4. Low profile design makes this accessory a perfect travel companion
5. Unique Snap-Con latching system provides a secure and reliable connection

High Strength Composite