WILBERS Fork springs for ZX-12 R, MT01, CB 1000 R, GSX-S 1000 /F

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descrizione del prodotto

Wilbers progressive fork springs

With Wilbers fork springs you can achieve a perfect front fork setup without bottomingout! Along you receive an ABE and save time and money because you do not have to enter the springs into the vehicle documents!

Forkoil not included in delivery.
Product may vary from picture.

HONDA CB1000R (SC60) 08-
Recommended oil viscosity: SAE 15 (1 L)
Recommended air chamber: 110 mm

KAWASAKI ZX-12 R Ninja (ZXT 20 A) 00-01
Recommended oil viscosity: SAE 20 (1 L)
Recommended air chamber: 115 mm

Suzuki GSX-S 1000 /F (DG) 15-
Recommended oil viscosity: SAE 5 (1 L)
Recommended air chamber: 90 mm