Shipping costs and delivery times


  • app. 0,01 kg: 1,80 EUR* Deutsche Post letter
  • to app. 0,40 kg: 3,60 EUR* Deutsche Post "maxi" letter
  • to app. 31,5 kg: 5,80 EUR* Parcel

Common delivery time: 1-3 working days (not guaranteed).

EU (excluding islands excluding ireland, including GB)

  • up to 0,4 kg: 8,60 EUR*
  • up to 31,5 kg: 15,80 EUR* Shipping Flatrate!

Common delivery time: 2-7 working days (not guaranteed).

Worldwide (excluding USA, including islands)

  • up to 0,4 kg: 8,60 EUR*
  • up to 31,5 kg: 26,80 EUR* Shipping Flatrate!

USA: 44,80 EUR* (at the moment including "crisis fees " from DHL)

Common delivery time: 3-21 working days (not guaranteed).

Orders to countries outside European Union will be automatically reduced by 19% german VAT at the checkout!

If the delivery goes to a country, which is not part of European Union (EU), there might
be charged taxes, customs duties and/or fees from the custom and/ or tax authorities
of the destination country.

*All prices including 19% german VAT. Prices are recalculated after shipping to an EU country 
including the VAT of the shipping adress.

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

Shipping Overseas

Please be aware, that there are delays because of the current COVID situation. Thank you.

Calculation Total price
from 0,00 to 31,50 KG 44,80 EUR
from 31,50 KG - No Shipping -