Shipping costs and delivery times


  • app. 0,01 kg: 1,80 EUR Deutsche Post letter
  • to app. 0,40 kg: 3,60 EUR Deutsche Post "maxi" letter
  • to app. 31,5 kg: 5,80 EUR Parcel

Common delivery time: 1-3 working days (not guaranteed).

EU (excluding islands excluding ireland, including GB)

  • up to 0,4 kg: 8,60 EUR
  • up to 31,5 kg: 15,80 EUR Shipping Flatrate!

Common delivery time: 2-7 working days (not guaranteed).

Worldwide (excluding USA, including islands)

  • up to 0,4 kg: 8,60 EUR
  • up to 31,5 kg: 26,80 EUR Shipping Flatrate!

USA: 44,80 EUR (at the moment including "crisis fees " from DHL)

Common delivery time: 3-21 working days (not guaranteed).

Orders to countries outside European Union will be automatically reduced by 16% german VAT at the checkout!

If the delivery goes to a country, which is not part of European Union (EU), there might
be charged taxes, customs duties and/or fees from the custom and/ or tax authorities
of the destination country.

Customs duties Calculator for Switzerland:

to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

Shipping USA

Calculation Total price
from 0,00 to 31,50 KG 44,80 EUR
from 31,50 KG - No Shipping -