2 "Beston / Gran Tourismo" grips/Set de poignees

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product description

Rubber grips in classic “Beston” shape. Thanks to the non-slip,
bulbous shape, these handles are ideal for tours.

These handles are thanks to their double-walled construction (see picture)
and the slat-reinforced inner part is very soft and
therefore vibration-inhibiting.

For all handlebars with a 22mm diameter (in principle ALL, except
Harley Davidson and various choppers). The gas side handle points
The motorcycle naturally has a larger diameter (approx. 25 mm).
Total length approx. 13.5 cm.

ATTENTION: These handles cannot be opened at the ends
(for example for handlebar end mirrors), because then that
The inner part and the outer part are no longer connected to each other.

Identical handles were found on motorcycles in the 1960s
almost every brand, e.g. Ducati, Gilera and Moto Guzzi, Triumph,
Norton, BSA, AJS, Enfield, Velocette and Vincent.

But also ideal for the Japanese classics in English style, such as
Yamaha SR500, XS650, Honda CB450, CB500 and CB750 (Four) and
GB500, Kawasaki Estrella and almost everyone else.

Installation instructions: Please briefly place in boiling water before installation.
so that the handles (especially on the throttle side) can be easily pulled up.

GB: Classic Gran Tourisimo / BESTON-style cushion grip set
FR: Set of poignees
IT: Manopole

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