BATTERY Replacer, Eliminator f. SR / XBR 500 SRX XL / XR / XT 600 +many others

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product description

Battery eliminator
This small component replaces the battery on all motorcycles that meet the following conditions:
- Kickstarter (starter function no longer applies after installation!)
- CDI / contactless ignition system
- Power supply 6V or 12V

The motorcycles that meet these conditions include the SR500, the SRX 600, the Suzuki DR 650 and XS 650 and the
XT 600 with kickstarter (starter function no longer applies after installation) and many others.

Further information can also be found in this video:
Motorcycling without a battery, with a battery eliminator

Other possibly suitable motorcycles (no guarantee, please check the conditions to be met):
Yamaha RD 350, DT 400...
Suzuki RG 500, RGV 250, GS 400 / 500 (not E), GT 185 / 250 / 500, TM 400, T 125 / 250 / 350 / 500, DR 125, 250, 350, 400,
500 and 650, MTX 80, 200... Honda
KMX 125, KLX (without electric starter), KLR 250, GPZ, Husqvarna, KTM, BSA, BMW, Norton, Triumph, Harley Davidson
and many others.

This results in the following advantages:
- Huge weight savings (up to 3.5 kg!)
- Freedom from maintenance
- No acid damage
- Gain space/free frame triangle
- inexpensive

The disadvantage of the battery killer is the lack of lighting when the engine is stopped, for example in the event of a breakdown on an unlit country road.
It also occasionally happens on some motorcycles (particularly with a weak alternator) that the horn and the indicators
not working properly when idling. For this reason, the Eliminator is only suitable for racing purposes.

The mini battery from the range offers almost the same advantages for use on public roads. With its 12 V 0.8 Ah
This battery is sufficient to power motorcycles with a kick starter. Unlike the battery eliminator, this one delivers
The battery still limits the power for the lighting system even when the engine is stopped.

Scope of delivery: Quality eliminator with cable set (for self-soldering) and crimped "Japanese plugs".

Color may vary.

- Total length (measured without cable): 70 mm
- Diameter 35mm
- Weight (without cable): 62 grams :o)

Tip: Pay attention to vibration-free installation (e.g. with foam rubber). Please pay attention to the correct polarity when installing: minus is marked
with "---------------" on the case.

GB: Batterylesser/eliminator. Replaces the battery on motorcycles with a kickstarter (electric starter will not work with this item). Suits for motorcycles
with a breakerless ignition system (6V or 12V). Attention: No safety light after an engine breakdown - for racing only! Urgent: Negative ground /
minus is labeled "-----------------" on the housing.

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