Cafe-Racer SEAT YAMAHA SR500 XS650(CB 250 / 350 K)

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product description

Seat for YAMAHA SR500

Wonderful, absolutely the highest bench,
fits the SR 500.

Flatter and tighter than the soft and very voluminous
Original seat. Also saves this seat on a fibre glass base
neat weight: weighs only 1680 grams and is therefore
ideal for every Café racer conversion.

In addition, it is mounted directly (without the two rubber mounts).

Color: dark brown, white seams (can be dyed in any desired color).

Fits with slight changes on many other machines, such as the
Example on the YAMAHA XS650, the Honda CB/CL 250/250 K, for this need only the two rear
Mounting brackets are transferred to the seat (attached with Pop rivets, see photo).


-Total length: 615 mm
-Broad front: 180 mm (measured on the inside)
-Length of the seat surface: approx. 370 / 410 mm (until to the beginning / end of the curve)
-maximum width rear: 250 mm (measured on the inside)

Other dimensions on request.

According to TÜV this as a single bench seat will be entered
because the seat with their short length 42 cm for the
Is a two-man operation.

Verse closet free within Germany!


Please take note that we retorted, not suitable goods only
full refund without damage .
Therefore make sure the car seat when you place on the frame,
not to damage (E.g. by sharp parts of the frame or by sitting on
without proper installation). Thank you very much!

GB: Very nice manufactured and rare seat for SR 500, high quality.
Built on a light weight fiberglass base, the complete seat weighs just 1660 grams.
Fits so Honda CB/CL 250/350 K

FR: Selle sportiv pour SR 500 et the autres

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