Clip on-, Cafe handlebars, FEHLING 30mm for 22mm (7/8 inch) handlebars, black, KICKSTARTER-Edition

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product description

The ideal handlebar for cafe racers: minimalist clip-on handlebars
by FEHLING. Absolutely high-quality workmanship and black coated,
as we know it from parts of this brand.

Due to production reasons, the powder-coated handlebars in the area
Small flaws usually disappear after installation under the rubber grips .
This does not constitute a reason for a complaint , of course not from
our side after a return.

Diameter of this pair: 30mm
Handlebar tube length: 265 mm
Including parts certificate for problem-free registration with the TÜV
(The test number is discreetly engraved) and high-strength fastening screws.

Suitable for all motorcycles with 22mm handlebars.


Please note that we only take back goods that are returned completely unscratched/undamaged.
However, experience shows that this is almost impossible after a trial assembly including handlebar fittings and rubber grips.
We therefore recommend protecting the handlebars at the clamping fists (e.g. with insulating tape).
It is best to only install the handlebar fittings and grips once you are sure that you want to keep the handlebars.

GB: Cafe handlebars, FEHLING 30mm for 22mm (7/8 inch) handlebars

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