Cockpit MOTOGADGET Motoscope MINI, black

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The motoscope mini

The motoscope mini from motogadget is an extremely compact, digital one
Multifunction instrument. The LED display specially developed by us for this
represents an absolute novelty in the field of instruments. 251 ultra bright LEDs
form an almost borderless, perfectly readable display surface that is complete
can be used to display the display values. Just this innovative,
elaborate technology enables a maximum display area at the same time
minimal housing dimensions. All minimalists have exactly these characteristics
always wanted for your conversions. Speaking of conversions: the mini fits through
its very simple, elegant design and the high-quality appearance to almost everyone
Two or four wheel. Whether on a fighter, custom bike, sport bike, enduro, supermoto, quad,
Minibike, scooter, etc., the instrument can do the styling at an exposed point
support or integrated as cleanly as possible
become - everything makes the mini possible!

And for all weight fetishists: 32 grams including cable can also do one
Hardly undercut bike speedometer.

The housing
The high-quality aluminum housing is milled from the solid on CNC machines,
brushed and its surface anodized black. The housing is completely potted
and thus protects the electronics against weather, water, dust and vibration.

Display and functions
The innovative dot matrix made of 251 ultra bright LEDs controls the speed
a freely scalable, horizontal light band and all functions other than
Numerical value is easy to grasp. The speed can also be adjusted at the push of a button
call as numerical value. For optimal readability in the dark, sun and
To reach dusk, the brightness of the LEDs is automatically adjusted.
The brightness values for day and night operation can be preset in the setup menu
become. For the limit range of the permissible speed ('red range') or as
Shift light function, a speed value can be entered, if exceeded
all LEDs light up pulsating at the same time.

The highlight
The motoscope mini display can not only read the numerical values from left to right,
but also display from top to bottom if desired. So the instrument can also
be mounted upright! The speed band can also be operated in the so-called 'vertical mode'
to the left or right of the numerical values.

With the supplied menu button or, for example, the light button on the handlebar
switched between the display modes. A short, animated text display of the
selected function enables clear operation of the instrument.
The standard indication on the display is the speed value. The others
If required, measured values can be displayed by briefly pressing the display
be fetched. Optionally, the display can be set after a short time
Time automatically returns to the speed value. The menu button
is also the input button with which all specific values of the
Vehicle can be set. All functions, such as resetting the daily mileage
or the like are easy to use. Presets or saved values remain
naturally also stored without power supply.


Due to the very small dimensions, the motoscope mini is on every vehicle
easy to attach using the two threaded bushings on the back. single
on the fork bridge or on the handlebars, in existing instrument panels and
Cockpits - the instrument can be integrated anywhere.

operational safety
The motoscope mini is very important to us in terms of electrical safety
elaborately designed. The is in a voltage range of 7 V to 18 V.
ensures normal operation. Should overvoltage occur,
it is automatically intercepted before it could damage the electronics.
In connection with the integrated protection against reverse polarity, there is a
maximum operational safety.

Connection and sensors
The high level of operational reliability, simple wiring and extensive
Installation and operating instructions also make the connection of the instrument
possible for users who previously kept away from the vehicle electrical system
to have. The included speedometer sensor made of stainless steel is also very small
(M5 / 25 mm) and complies with the highest industry standards (IP68). With the 1.5 m
long connection cable, it can be easily attached to the front or rear wheel.
The motoscope mini comes with almost all original speedometer sensors (reed contact and proximity sensors)
the vehicle manufacturer compatible. A possibly required load resistance
is included. In this case, only connections and the
mechanical installation of a sensor is completely unnecessary. A
intelligent 'teach function' enables easy calibration of the
Tachos - also for vehicles with sensors on the transmission such as Buell (TM) or
Harley-Davidson (TM). Versions related

Instruments for CDI ignitions (capacitor ignitions), as they are often found in enduros, quads
and two-stroke engines may need an additional ignition signal generator
use. This is available here on request.

Technical data and features
Length / width / depth: 59 mm / 21.5 mm / 13 mm
Weight: approx. 32 g
Fastening: 2 x M3 threaded bushing
Current consumption during operation: approx. 100 mA
Operating voltage: 7 V - 18 V
Operating temperature: -20 ° ... + 80 ° C function
Measuring range tachometer (LED bar): 0 - 6/8/10/14/16 krpm
Tachometer (numerical): 0 - 20 krpm
Limit setting / switching flash: 0 - 20,000 rpm
Speedometer: 0 - 999 km / h or mph
Trip odometer: 0 - 999.99 km or mi
Total kilometers (adjustable): up to 99 999 km or mi
Travel time display: 0 - 99:59 h / min

scope of delivery
motoscope mini with approx. 50 cm connection cable, mini button, complete
Plug connection (6-pin), speedometer sensor (M5, stainless steel) with 150 cm connection cable,
2 strong neodymium mini magnets, 2 fastening screws M3 with washer,
Load resistance for OEM speedometer sensors, detailed installation and operating instructions.

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