Complete mini alloy CNC switch cluster for 22 mm handlebars, chrome

Product.Nr.: LS-CN

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product description

Finally, no more plastic!
Absolutely high-quality, CNC-milled handlebar fitting with all important functions.
Completely wired and ready for connection (depending on the motorcycle, the wiring may need to be adjusted slightly). Perfect for tidying up the right side of the handlebar and moving everything discreetly to the left
to lay. The fitting is about half as wide as many originals (only 29mm!) and looks very delicate. There is also a mount for 8mm mirrors.

This is the high-quality version. No comparison to the cheaper copy (LS-BNG).
- Evening light
- High beam
- Indicator right/left
- Horn (the switch can also be used as a kill switch or starter, etc.)

- Width: 29mm
- Height: 58mm
- Depth: 51 mm
- Cable length: 550 mm
- for 22 mm handlebars
- a connection plan is included
Ideal replacement even for expensive original fittings at an absolutely fair price!
Available in chrome, anthracite and black.

For higher current loads (e.g. when connecting the lighting via the toggle switch), we recommend installing a relay in between.
GB: CNC aluminum switch cluster for 22 mm handlebars with all important functions!

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