Complete SEAT CONSTRUCTION SET "Scrambler"

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product description

The perfect kit for building your "Cafe Racer" motorcycle seat yourself!

A complete set, which we have put together for you based on our decades of experience with the best possible materials.

It is particularly suitable for the construction of benches for sporty street motorcycles.

The composite foam core is 8 cm thick, it is particularly suitable for motorcycles of the following styles:

Scrambler, enduro, motocross and touring motorcycles.

You can find instructions on how to build a seat and useful tips and tricks for installing the seat in the Kickstarter shop under the menu item "Tips".

The set consists of the following components:

- Base plate made of thermoplastic material

Dimensions (in mm): 610x330x8 mm, including M6 drive-in nuts

- Saddler quality foam mat/block

Dimensions (in mm): 660x340x80 mm, degree of hardness: 140 kg/m³

- Comfort foam sheet as top cover layer for our composite foam sheets

Dimensions (in mm): 330×660×20 mm, degree of hardness: approx. 65 kg/m³

- Black imitation leather of the very best saddlery quality, incl. laminating foam

Dimensions (in mm): leather approx. 460x880 mm, laminating foam approx. 500x980 mm

Quality made in Germany

The use of the seat base plate offers the following advantages:

- Easy

- Still stable

- Very easy to process (like wood). Can be cut with a cutter knife!

- Wonderfully malleable with heat (hot air dryer).

- Doesn't splinter

- The seat cover can be glued to the underside (with a commercially available

Power glue), and with a good stapler you can even staple it additionally

- Can be painted and sanded

- Waterproof, weather resistant

Foam mat/ block for benches:

Universally usable special foam in saddler quality, ideal for motorcycle seat construction.

The foam specially designed for use as a seat core has a high density (140 kg/m³),

so that it is not pushed through even with a relatively small thickness. It can be used with an electric bread / roast knife

Cut and shape with a belt grinder or an angle grinder with a flap disc and glue with power glue, for example.

Comfort foam sheet:

For touring motorcycles, we recommend using one layer of this sheet as an additional upper seat foam layer

to significantly increase long-term driving comfort.

Can be easily glued with power glue.

Black faux leather:

For benches in the very best saddlery quality

Universally usable imitation leather, ideal for motorcycle seat construction.

This artificial/vinyl leather comes from the saddler, it is specially made for motorcycle seats, is UV-stable and waterproof.

The surface structure is slightly grained like leather, on the back it has a textile structure.

Also included in the scope of delivery is a foam lamination to level the surface.

TIP: Before covering the motorcycle seat, heat the imitation leather, for example with a hair dryer, then it can be stretched, pulled and processed better.

Of course, you can also have the seat upholstered by a saddler.

The thickness of the seat can be increased if, for example, the following optional accessories are ordered:

Article number SB-S2 : 2 cm thick composite foam board, can be additionally glued using a power adhesive (e.g. Pattex).

be glued on (holds bombproof).

Or silicone cushions for a significant increase in comfort on long journeys:

Article numbers SB - GEL (10 mm thick), SB - GE2 (20 mm thick).

Have fun crafting!

PS: One of the pictures shows useful tools and other accessories for building a seat. Of course not included :)

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