Cylindrical AIR FILTRE, f. BMW R-models till 9/1980, by Mahle

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product description

OEM-quality air filter from Mahle.

Clean intake air - one of the most important prerequisites for
optimum engine performance,
high torque, low fuel consumption
and minimizing pollutant emissions.

Air filters from MAHLE reduce dust, soot and tire wear by up to 99.9 percent
filtered out.
At the same time an optimal air / fuel mixture is ensured.
The high particle
absorption capacity guarantees long service lives - even under
Extreme conditions such as heat, cold or chemical influences.

Mahle quality filters prevent premature wear on the valves, cylinder surfaces,
Piston rings,
plain bearings and other engine components. To secure permanently
perfect filter performance should
all filters under the motorcycle manufacturers
required replacement intervals are exchanged

Fits the following BMW R models until year 9/1980
- R 45
- R 50/5
- R 60/5
- R 60/6
- R 60/7
- R 65
- R 75/5
- R 75/6
- R 75/7
- R 80
- R 80RT
- R 80/7
- R 90S
- R 90/6
- R 100/7
- R 100S
- R 100RS
- R 100RT

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