Daytona PULSE CONVERTOR f. speedos, twin signal typ, f. Velona speedometer

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product description

Speedo shaft adapter DAYTONA / speed pulse converter, twin signal type.

Converters to be fitted to the original speedometer drives of various motorcycle manufacturers.
Assembly of the converter is the turning signal of the speedometer drive / the wave in
converted into a digital signal. A practical solution!
So, it saves you the tedious work to assemble the magnets and sensors.

-Cable length: approx. 630 mm
-Square: approx. 2, 5mm x 2, 5mm
-Length of the pulse Converter: 62 mm
-Thread: M12

Thus for example fits almost all Japanese motorcycles.

Due to the following gauges from our range

This sensor provides a square wave signal.
This does not match the speedometer TA-TT and TA-T22.

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