digital flasher RELAY, with fade in and fade out, "m.wave" by MOTOGADGET

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product description

The "m.wave" is the first digital flasher relay with a fade in/fade out effect.
And also extremely small and independent of load.

It allows any flashing light to fade in and out smoothly - even LED indicators!
A new style and look when flashing - cool design for the flashing light.

Hard-switching flashing lights, especially LED flashers, are stupid and stupid
boring on and off - with the "m.wave" you leave the indicators on
shine like waves. An absolutely new look of the flashing light - ultra small and light,
basically just a piece of cable with a tiny candy-sized device.
Ideal for any type of modified and styled motorcycle or car,
to attract more attention.


  • Unique fade-in/fade-out effect
  • Ultra small and light, practically just a piece of cable
    with a tiny candy-sized device
  • Ideal for custom bikes and conversions with limited space -
    clunky standard flasher relays or load resistors are a thing of the past
  • Installation possible, for example in the handlebar tube, frame tube or in the wiring harness
  • Almost load independent (min. 1 watt)
  • Works entirely with digital semiconductor technology.
    Control via microprocessor. No mechanics, no coils, no contacts
  • Always constant and correct flashing frequency therefore suitable for almost everyone
    LED indicators, all micro indicators, halogen indicators, 10 watt indicators, 21 watt indicators
  • Works, for example, with 4 indicator lights or 2 handlebar end indicators
  • Immediate, loss-free, brighter flashing of the indicators
  • Super easy connection using just two cables - just connect them in series
  • Completely waterproof and vibration-resistant as it is completely shed
  • Short circuit proof, automatic overload protection. Switches up to 100 watts of power.
  • no heat development during operation
  • Operating voltage from 5V to 18V
  • Also suitable for 6 V indicators
  • Quality 'made in Germany' - from motogadget


The easiest way to install the "m-Flash"
Is to look for the original relay and simply replace it with the "m-Flash".

The “m.wave” CANNOT work when using push-button fittings
replace the button control. Are you looking for a flasher relay for buttons,
You can find this under the item number MG-RE .

NOT suitable for HD motorcycles.

Specifications and features

Housing L x W x H 18mm x 13mm x 9.5mm
Length of connection cable approx. 2 x 50 mm
Weight approx. 4g

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