Elektron. RELAIS speziell f.LED-Blinker

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product description

Special flasher unit/turn signal relay 12 V, 0.1-130 watts!

Electronic, load-independent flasher unit. So for the connection
suitable for LED indicators.

The total wattage of the indicators must be in the range of 1-130 watts.
In this range, this relay always flashes at the same frequency!

Number of poles:
3 pin flat plug connection

Operating mode:

Nominal voltage:
12 volts

Switching capacity:
0.1 watts - 130 watts

E = mass
B = battery
L = switch

Flashing frequency:
85 per minute

Please note that there is no standardized PIN assignment among motorcycle manufacturers
the turn signal relay exists. Only the distances between the plug connections are standardized,
so that this relay usually fits any 3-pin flasher relay connector.

BEFORE connecting, please check whether the pin assignment on the plug
matches the assignment printed on the relay.
If not, the pin assignment of the plug would have to be changed first, as the relay
otherwise it could be damaged!

Incl. retaining plate for fastening

GB:Relay for LED indicators
FR: Relay for LED clignotants, statique.

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