FINNED EXHAUST NUT- Repair Kit for BMW R75 R80 R100

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product description

Attractive, innovative repair kit for the star nuts on BMW R models.
The thread of the manifold nuts is often defective or at least very worn after many years.
Loosening these nuts is often a challenge, even with the right wrench.
In addition, it is quite annoying, for example for longer trips, this huge star nut wrench in the
stow tools.

But now there is a solution: the star nut replacement.
With this repair kit you can place the original star nut decoratively on the shelf and replace it with new,
replace beautiful, CNC-machined parts made of high-strength aluminum that are easy to add and remove
and without any special tools.

This set fits all 2-valve boxers with M52x2 threads and 38mm manifold diameter:

BMW R75 R80 R100
in the variants G/S, R , RT , RS , CS , RR , CC
and probably also with other models such as the R90 (please compare the dimensions before ordering).

- Adapter Ø inside: 48mm
- Union flange Ø inside: 38.5mm
- Distance between screws: 60mm
- Thickness of collar flange: 12mm
- Adapter thickness: 17mm

Scope of delivery:
- 4x Allen screw M6 stainless steel
- 2x washer
- 2x adapters M52x2
- 2x union flange

And the assembly is so easy:


Dismantle the star nut. If it can no longer be loosened, it is best to saw open the nut and rip open the last piece with a chisel.


Loosen the clamping screw at the transition from the manifold to the collector.


If you like, you can also loosen the sleeve on the interference connection, this makes it easier to remove the elbows, otherwise you have to remove both elbows at the same time.


remove manifold.


Remove the manifold gaskets and store them by cylinder.


Remove star nuts.


Slide the new union flange (unthreaded) over the manifold.


Attach manifold gasket.


Attach the 2-part adapter with thread (1x I and V marking each) so that it is flush with the surface on the outlet socket. Secure the adapter with the M6x25 screws, but do not tighten yet.


Screw the collar flange to the adapter using the supplied M6x30 screws and washers, but do not tighten yet.

Carry out the work steps up to here on both sides so that the exhaust system is completely assembled but can still be aligned.


Align the entire star nut package so that you can easily access all the screws with the tool.
Now tighten the screws of the adapter.


Tighten the screws of the union flange evenly so that the gap is approximately the same all around. The flange and elbow must not tilt.
The screws should be tightened after a few rides and then checked regularly.

All contact surfaces should be protected against corrosion with a high-temperature-resistant ceramic paste, which can be found in
Kickstarter shop under the article number AN-SI or as a spray under 860-669 .

If new seals are required, these can be found in the Kickstarter spare parts shop under item number 734.45.33 .

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