GASKET SET inkl. Diaphragms for BING CV-Carburetors Ø40mm

Product.Nr.: VG-DS4

49,95 EUR
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product description

Absolutely high-quality carburetor gasket set for 2 BING carburettors.
Fits BMW R models with BING carburetor Ø40mm.
The size of the carburetor is engraved on the side of the case (see example picture), always the average number is decisive.
Please check before purchase which carburetor is actually installed on your vehicle.

The seal kit contains all the required O-rings, 2 choke box seals made of paper,
2 float chamber seals
Cork and two gas slide diaphragm Ø90mm.

The seals are manufactured according to European quality standard ISO 9000 and are therefore under constant quality control.

Further gasket sets for BING carburettors can be found in the Kickstartershop under article numbers VG-DS and VG-DS3

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