Handlebar CONTROLS / Switches, alloy, all black 22mm 7 /8"

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product description

Shapely handlebar fittings set with indicators, high beam, hazard lights, lights, starter switch and horn.
The fitting is solid, the housing is made of aluminum.
The switches and buttons convey a high-quality impression.
Suitable for all handlebars with an outer diameter of 22mm (7/8").
The cable strands have a length of approx. 500mm.

A suitable throttle sleeve can be found under item number GG-HUL.

Width of fittings:
- left fitting: approx. 38mm
- right fitting: approx. 33mm

functions on the left
- Indicator
- horn
- Light switch (low beam / high beam)

functions on the right
- Starter
- Hazard warning lights
- Light switch (off / parking light / driving light)

Cable assignment of the left fitting
- blue: high beam
- white: low beam
- blue-white: plus for driving lights
- light blue: right turn signal
- grey: plus for indicators
- orange: left turn signal
- light green: horn (input)
- green: horn (output)

Cable assignment of the right fitting
- black: plus (switched by the ignition lock)
- brown: speedometer lighting
- brown-white: parking light
- blue-white: driving light
- grey: plus for hazard warning lights
- light blue: hazard lights
- orange: hazard lights
- yellow-red: starter

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