HEAT TAPE/WRAP Band for Downpipes, white, 10mx5cm

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product description

EXHAUST heat protection tape white/beige, heat resistant up to 1200 ° C!

In addition to the cool racing optics offers this high-quality
Heat protection tape the following advantages:

More heat stays in the manifolds, surrounding parts are better
protected against high temperatures. Due to the higher temperature
the exhaust gas will increase the flow speed in the manifolds
and optimized, which leads to a performance increase.  Out of this
Basic used this heat protection tape in racing.

The band is not self-adhesive glue the high exhaust gas temperatures
would not survive. Insert before the Assembly in water! The beginning
the heat protection tape is fixed with a stainless steel wire and
then wrap the strap around the / the manifold. At the end, and if necessary in the
Middle should again stainless steel wire to the fix be used.

-Length: approx. 10m
-Width 5cm
-Thickness 2 mm
-Sufficient for approx. 2 intake manifolds.


The suitable cable ties can find us in the shop under the item-No. KA-BE.

During installation of the heat protection tape is recommended safety clothing
as gloves, wear goggles and a disposable coverall,
as this can result in skin irritation.

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