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HIGHSIDER handlebar end CONERO TYPE 2<br>Premium quality made of black anodized aluminium. Elegant, stylish design with polished chamfers.<br><br>TYPE 2 comes with a special adapter which enables you to mount our HIGHSIDER bar end mirrors with a mounting diameter of 30 mm. Fits universal on handlebars with an inner diameter from 12 mm to 22 mm, therefore for most of 7/8 inch and 1 inch alu or steel handlebars. <br><br>Purism and minimalism combined with highly processed products characterize our CONERO series. Matching perfect to Naked Bikes, especially Roadsters. This accessories reduce your bike to the minimum. Beat no records – just ride and feel!<br><br>Customized for your bike – our extensive HIGHSIDER equipment is perfectly fitting for your motorcycle. With a maximum of quality and functionality you can design your bike according to your wishes.<br><br>Please, check your needed size before you order!<br><br>Dimensions<br>Diameter: approx. 34.5 mm<br>Length: 17 mm<br>Diameter mirror socket: 30 mm<br>Weight: 0.132 kg / H-Bar end<br><br>Delivery contents: 1 pair incl.<br>2 x handlebar ends<br>2 x Clamping sleeve, Ø 12 mm and Ø 16 mm<br>2 x Centring sleeve type 1, type 2, type 3<br>2 x Centre screw M6 and conical nut M6<br><br>More accessories: Choose the whole CONERO-Series<br>Perfect in finish and design for Naked Bikes: Take a look at our stylish customizing products!<br><br>• Item No. 161-035 H-Bar end TYPE 1, black<br>• Item No. 301-013 Universal mirror, black<br>• Item No. 301-014 H-Bar end mirror, black<br>• Item No. 315-055 H-Bar rubber grips, black<br><br>• Item No. 204-033 LED indicator, black, smoke lens<br>• Item No. 254-033 LED taillight / indicator, black<br><br>• Item No. 255-163 LED taillight T1, black, smoke lens<br>• Item No. 255-164 LED taillight T1, black, red lens<br>• Item No. 255-167 LED taillight T2, black, smoke lens<br>• Item No. 255-168 LED taillight T2, black, red lens <br><br>Optionally available:<br>• Item No. 161-034 Spare mounting kit<br>• Item No. 161-037 H-Bar adapter for BMW R nine T