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product description

Puristically shaped headlight with metal housing for lateral attachment. The simple design goes well with classics, roadsters and custom bikes.

The also chrome-plated reflector with clear glass has a high-beam, low beam, parking and daytime running light function. Daytime running lights and position lights are installed in a central strip, so that a very nice photo is created optically - the low beam lights above the bar, the high beam accordingly below. The reflector emits an asymmetrical - approved only for legal traffic - luminous flux, E-tested.

Our highlights? Give your bike a distinctive style! The unusual design and the perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series make it a highlight in any case!

Housing diameter (also hole spacing): 190 mm
Diameter headlight insert: 178 mm
Case depth: 140 mm
Distance mounting holes - front of housing: approx. 47 mm
Distance between fixing holes - housing end: approx. 80 mm
Diameter cable guide: 35 mm
Mounting: laterally with M8 threaded bolt

Black cable = mass (-)
Blue cable = dipped beam (+), power consumption at 12V: 1.8A, 22W
Yellow cable = high beam (+), power consumption at 12V: 1.3A, 13W
Black cable = mass (-)
Black cable = mass (-)
Red cable = daytime running light (+), power consumption at 12V: 1,2A, 14W
White cable = position light (+), power consumption at 12V: 0.2A, 2.4W

Scope of delivery: 1 piece incl. 3 pin plug

Optionally available:
Main headlight insert TYPE 4, chrome, Item No .: 226-018

? Use asymmetric, only for legal traffic.
? The enclosed 3-pole standard plug must be mounted by the customer after reflector installation.
View on plug contacts:
High beam (yellow) = right
Low beam (blue) = above
Mass (black) = left

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