HIGHSIDER LED-DRL w. 4 LEDs, round, E-mark

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product description

HIGHSIDER LED Daytime Running Light
LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) in a round, black aluminium housing. 4 power LEDs ensure that bikers are better seen from other road users in the daytime. Inclusive bracket, E-mark.

To see and to been seen – give your bike its own character. The exceptional design and the perfect technology of the HIGHSIDER headlight series makes you absolutely to a spectacular highlight!

Diameter: 71.5 mm
Depth: 47.5 mm

Current consumption at 12,5 volt: only 0.2 ampere (approx. 2.5 watt)
Light value at 12 volt: approx. 150 lumen

Cable assignment
Black = ground (-)
Red = plus (+), please connect with plus (ignition)
White = please connect with control cable of low beam

Delivery content: 1 Pcs.

Provided that your motorcycle has a manual low beam switch, other whiles DRL will not work!
According to German Traffic Regulations, has to be connected in this way, that dlr will switch off, if main headlight switched on (exception: using headlight flasher). Taillight function has to work every time, therefore connect with ignition plus!